A memorable micro-gap

They kept asking us why. Why would two German girls decide to walk 630 miles along the English coast? We often struggled to give a precise answer. There was no special moment where the idea suddenly came to us. It had rather been creeping slowly into our minds.

We wanted to do something challenging and adventurous between school and university. After all, it was a rare time of absolute freedom without any obligations. So, when we heard of England’s longest National Trail, which was supposed to be a beautiful path never leaving the coastline, it was worth closer inspection. We figured out it would take us 52 days to do the whole thing. Certainly a challenge, but that was what we had been looking for. I guess it was the pictures that finally won us over.

It wasn’t like expected. It was way harder. Like a rollercoaster without any cart to take you up and down. Not even one to carry the 12 kilo-backpacks. Nevertheless, it was definitely worth it. We were in wonder with the beauty of the wild nature and the breath taking (in both senses) views.

We also met a lot of interesting people and received a warm welcome in nearly every B&B and YHA. We learned to appreciate the simple things: a bed, a warm shower, fresh towels, semi-fresh clothes and of course food. We were surprised by the delicious meals one can prepare with a kettle and a coffee cup, something every accommodation offers. Our favourite was tortellini.

Our families and boyfriends supported us via Skype and phone calls every day, they encouraged us and gave us advice whenever needed. We even got a visit from them after three weeks!

Despite some difficulties in finding accommodation, passing military areas and walking through a heavy storm we were able to keep to our plan. On the 19th of September we finished the whole South West Coast Path and could barely believe it. No more walking anymore.

Luisa Wensky (18), Rebecca Hatzky (17) from Bavaria


  1. Brilliant stuff and congratulations Luisa & Rebecca – you now have a shared memory for life that nothing can buy – All the best for your futures – Russ


  2. Fantastic. You now have memories that will last a lifetime. You will talk about it, laugh and cry like we did.

    Mike and Ginny from Mike and Ginny’s South West Coast Path Adventure.


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