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We love being Mile Makers!

Last year Aspects Holidays supported the South West Coast Path as Business Mile Makers. In this Guest Blog, the team at Aspects share their favourite coastal walks and why supporting the Path is important to them on both a business and personal level.

The team at Aspects Holidays are absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Business Mile Maker project for the South West Coast Path. In November 2021, we donated £1400 to maintain the upkeep of one mile of precious South West Coast Path for 2022.

Many of our members of staff regularly walk sections of the Coast Path, enjoying long hikes or short rambles along their favourite, or new and yet unexplored, segments of these incredible pathways. We all agree that it’s vital to preserve the many miles of Coast Path, especially with the ever-increasing impact of climate change. We understand the value of the SWCP, and what it means to locals and holiday makers alike; as well as the importance it holds for native wildlife.

Here’s what some of our team members have to say:

Tanya Deponeo, Customer Services Manager:

“When I moved to Cornwall 14 years ago, I promised myself that I would always continue to keep exploring the county so that I never forgot to appreciate why I moved here. So, most days off, come rain or shine, we get out on the South West Coast Path, whether it’s for a 12-mile hike on a section we have never explored, or half an hour watching the views from our local section of Coast Path. It blows us away every time and makes us realise just how lucky we are to live somewhere so beautiful.”

Jackie Hosken-Johns, Holiday Coodinator:

“I love the rugged cliffs, steeped in history. I imagine how it must have been for those working deep under the sea, a mile from the shoreline. It really takes you back in time, it has a slight eery feel!”

Jackie at Botallack Mine

Amy Sparkes, Regional Office Manager:

“I love walking & even running the breath-taking SWCP and have clocked up many miles.  For me, it’s about discovering new paths, ones I haven’t yet trod and the spectacular sights that can be seen around every corner. Reminding me every day how lucky I am to live, work, and love in this beautiful county.”

Rosina Perry, Mullion Property Manager:

“The SWCP is where I like to dust off my running shoes, especially around the Lizard village. Being on the peninsula no matter which side of the village I join the SWCP, it is trail running at its finest with only the most sensational scenery to take in. No matter the weather, the sea always looks incredible which makes running that extra mile, that much easier!”

Jenna Ali, Marketing Assistant:

“I love walking along the Hayle/Gwithian section of the coast path, just up the road from where I live, with my dog. It gives me the opportunity to clear my mind and reset. I love the feel of the wind rushing past me as I soak in the sounds and sights of nature all around.”

Photo Left: Rosie at Mexico Towans

By participating in the Business Mile Maker project, we hope to do our bit to keep the SWCP in the best condition possible so that everyone can continue to enjoy walking along these treasured stretches of coastline.

So next time you take a stroll along the SWCP, take a moment to think about all the people who helped to make it possible. From the generous donors, to the people who carry out the maintenance to keep the pathways open for us.

Become a Business Mile Maker and join a community supporting the SWCP National Trail

As a Mile Maker you become the guardian of one precious mile of the Coast Path for a year, but the impact of your generosity reaches far beyond that. You will be part of the huge collective effort by individuals, charities, local councils and the business community to ensure that our ever-more vulnerable National Trail remains a continuous, unbroken link to the unique coastal landscape which defines the South West. Remember that every mile has value – whether it supports the mental and physical wellbeing of local people, hosts an important wildlife habitat, enables a business idea, fires up the imagination of a creative soul or connects a coastal community with their neighbours.


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