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Lucy Young – Inspired by the Coast

Seascape artist Lucy Young lives on the Jurassic Coast with her passion for the Ocean infused into all her work. Her artwork often depicts people and human activity that evokes a sense of action and joy in each piece. Discover what captures Lucy’s imagination and how much the coast has inspired her work.

What inspires your artwork?

Why is the South West Coast Path important to you?

When my family moved to Charmouth, Dorset I was two years old. From then I grew up with a daily view of the south west coast path, and in particular Golden cap.  Some of my earliest memories are walking the steep assent to the top of Golden cap with perhaps the occasional moan as my little legs took me to the top, and often ending up on my Dad’s shoulders.  But to this day that view across Lyme bay, panning around to Portland still takes my breath away.

As an adult I have walked huge expanses of the south west coast path both here in Dorset, as well as South Devon and Cornwall.  When I as pregnant with my first child, my husband and I made it our mission to try and walk the full length of the Cornish coastline.  We started in Looe, and with regular trips to Cornwall in our VW camper over the summer, we made it to just past St.Ives, only to admit defeat as at this point I was then 7 months pregnant.  As our children are now growing we are quickly encouraging them to share our passion for this beautifully simple and magical activity.  To me, nothing quite compares to enjoying a sandwich, crisps and a warm flask of coffee from a beautiful view point, half way through a long coastal walk.

What is the biggest influence on your art?

The sea is a constant source of inspiration, and it never ceases to impress me.  I am mesmerised by its beauty, and I am humbled by its power. In the spring and summer, I spend as much time immersed in the sea as well as on the shores.  Observing human interaction with the ocean is something which stirs my soul.  Taking my art into an aerial view gives me the capacity to depict touching moments of kinship, alongside the mesmerising beauty of the sparkling turquoise sea. 

How has the coast inspired your creativity?

Creativity is undulating as I flow from being a wife and mum to a full-time artist.  I am blessed to live within a 10-minute walk to the beach, and my studio overlooks the Jurassic Coast. Living here enables me to channel my creativity daily.  I don’t think I could paint anything but the sea, and since discovering drone photography, this aerial perspective has opened a window further into my creative mind, giving me full scope to capture the joy of coastal life from above.

What is your favourite stretch of Coast Path?

My heart will always be in Dorset, the stretch between Lyme Regis – Burton Bradstock holds so many beautiful memories for me.  I have ambled with many different friends and family over the years, and I am often taken back to beautiful conversations and moments shared along the way as I am lucky enough to get to walk this regularly. 

But in recent years I have fallen for the coastline around Salcombe.  Gara Rock to East Portlemouth, then over on the ferry to walk from Salcombe to South Sands is simply magical.  Not forgetting the incredible Cornish coastline, walking through the dunes in Gwithian Towans and down to the beach is another personal favourite of mine and my family. Here in the south west we are spoilt for choice…

Lucy Young – Seascape artist

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